Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Don't worry...

Being an optimist I cannot bear long-lasting sadness or depression. My approach to life is "make it better". If I don't like something around me, I know that I can improve it. If I think that there is no way to improve the situation, that means that I just did not get it yet and need to either think better or change my own attitude towards it, or just to walk away from it. Last option is like runaway, but it is still better in some situations than to spend my time, effort and nerves trying to solve it.

When I feel that there are some circumstances where I cannot do anything to make it bearable, I start telling myself that it is going to pass. Some time it will be gone and I just need to sit there and wait till this time comes. When I was in my teens, every exam was a real horror to me - I thought, if I failed any that would be end of world. Eventually I figured that I would not even remember passing the exam in the long-run... Now I realise that most things in life are lessons to be learned as good as we can, but we need to try and get experience for the future from any situation - be it a good or a bad one.

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  1. Thank you for so optimistic and encouraging post! :)
    (and sorry for my English)