Saturday, November 13, 2010

Formula 1 - go Mark go!

Yas-marina circuit in Abu-Dhabi that hosts the last race of the season in very beatiful. Last June we went to Motreal and attended all 3 days of the race. From then on I became a F1 fan. There is a huge difference between watching it life and on TV screen. We wish we could go see the Abu-Dhabi race - it should be quite an experience.

My favourite pilot is Mark Webber - I won't deny - my choice was partly (yes, partly) influenced by his look and resemblance with Colin Firth - who is really gorgeous. For those who do not know what I am talking about here are the pictures:
Colin Firth
And Mark Webber:

Now that the female readers are back from their flight of fancy and male readers stopped scrolling down, let me continue. The tomorrow race will decide if Mark becomes a champion or not. So today I could not miss the qualification - it was the first time when I came late to the CMA class. Mark is the fifth in qualification which means unless something happens to those in front of him (do you hear me over there?) he will start the race in the fifth position. It is not that bad and might even turn out for good - cause he was not really good at turning pole position into a win during the year.

Anyway, I wish I could be in Abu-Dhabi tomorrow - never wanted to go there before. :)

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