Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I recently read an immigrant's complaint - she was saying how hard and depressing Canada is for her. She came here without English, had to learn it for a year and now, when she started getting to some job interviews, nobody makes her a job offer. The reason for that according to her is in her accent. She says she is disgusted by such unfairness.

I was always fascinated in a way by people who come to the foreign country without making an effort to learn its language and feel offended when nobody is willing to hire them directly at the exit from the airport. I guess it is an easy way to live with a feeling that everyone around owes you. Period. No further considerations as to why and how. Just the unbeatable certainty. People like that never learn from their mistakes - they are sure that any misfortune happening to them is due to someone else's fault. Like I said, fascinating!

As for the person I was describing above, I guess that she fails to get a job offer not due to her accent, but due to her feeling of disgust towards those interviewing her. There is always an intuitive feeling of what somebody really thinks of you - and I guess that when HR person feels being afraid of and disgusted by, they will hardly want to hire the person.

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