Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter time

I love it when snow is fresh and clean all around. These first days when grey and brown all around turn white are so exciting. Add the Xmas songs and decorations around and you get the holiday spirit inside within no time at all.

It was a bit different in Moscow - though the spirit was there as well, but I was not that excited about this time of year because people would turn even more rushing and traffic jams would get more intense - everyone was preparing for the new year holidays. It felt somewhat nervous, not holiday-like. Maybe it's only my impressions though.

Last night I was driving country highways at night and snow was swirling around me - it felt so peaceful and festive I did not want to arrive to the place I was heading - I wanted to keep driving the deserted white roads listening to the radio forever. It was one of the moments you want to prolong and keep in your memory as long as possible.

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