Monday, December 13, 2010

Nazism under the Kremlin's wall

Knowing that my blog is not popular at all, I still want to share the news from Moscow hoping that better awareness of the issue will help avoid the worst scenario from development.

Here you can read what happened in Moscow another day. Here are the pictures. The comments are in Russian, but the pictures talk for themselves. I was especially shocked by pics # 23 and 24. The grandparents of these idiots fought and died not to let the brown plague - fascism - take over their country in the Second World War. 10% of the country's population died then - to let the rest survive.

The situation in the country is not easy one - corruption allows those who have connections or money to avoid proper prosecution if they break the law. They can get away with anything - including murder. I am not saying that the southerns from Russian Caucasus region behave properly in Moscow - many of them are indeed rude and violent. However, it is the local law enforcement who must take care of the issue. Also the hooligans that comprised most of the mob on the riot are not peaceful or well-behaved either. When the rage of the people is not aimed at the rotten system, but at a certain nation - that is scary once you know German history of 1930s. The country population was struggling with poverty as well - and Hitler was one to point his finger at Jews to blame for the situation. Everyone knows how that ended. I am sure that there are certain people in the government directing the situation this way, being sure they will gain more power, control and money out of it. Big German corporation leaders were also supporting Hitler with the same rationale. They did not gain anything eventually.

There is a citing - unfortunately, I do not remember who said it - "People that does not remember its history, does not have a future" - I do wish that those who took part in the riot were more aware of their own history!

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  1. Anastasia dear, another thing - those neo-fascists are from "lost generation". you know.