Monday, December 20, 2010

Easy money

There are always people who dream of getting rich fast by not doing much or anything at all. Whole industries depend on such people – gambling industry for instance, but not alone. There are many courses where people are promised to get famous, rich, and popular or all of it at once – all they need is to get the training. Sure, they must pay for it. Sometimes they have to pay a lot – but they believe that it couldn’t be other way – if everyone could afford the luxury training on how to become popular/rich/famous/glamorous etc. , then it wouldn’t be worth taking.

If you look at the income of those course gurus, you will find a very curios trend – these great teachers of greatness, wealth and prosperity do not gain from shares, stocks or other investments they encourage their students to buy in accordance with their top-secret and extremely successful techniques. Their sacred ways of getting money lead to the simple pyramid – where they recruit new bounty hunters and get money out of them by promising them their so-called “highly efficient ways of getting rich”.

To me it looks like another kind of gambling – and a really well-planned one – where the customers are adventurous and easily deceived – since most of these people believe that they are the ones who are really good at cheating – they are used to being the predator, not the pray and do not feel suspicious of a promise to get rich fast and without effort – this has been their dream for most of their lives and they still believe that the fairy tales should and must come true – you only need to wish hard enough.

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