Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 days till new year

Last few weeks have been pretty busy for me – it’s quarter end – the busiest time at work and I started volunteering as technical editor at local Russian community newspaper. I am now responsible for creating the whole issue – writers send me the texts, I search for pictures, insert text and pictures into the newspaper using Corel Draw program. I also create and edit ads and put them into the issue. The newspaper is issued monthly, there are usually 16 pages. The issue I worked on is a 19-pages one –many people wanted to post greetings cards and ads due to holidays.

I really enjoyed the process – it’s where you can follow the creation of a newspaper from scratch and not only follow, but actually manage it – awesome! I won’t say there is a lot of creativity involved – not really, but I had to decide what pictures to pick for certain articles, how to put them on the page to look the best way. I always enjoy new challenges and this one I guess I managed well! J

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