Monday, January 24, 2011

Terrorist attack in Moscow airport

I don't want to speculate who might be responsible for another bombing in Moscow. I will just refer you to Wikipedia table showing terrorist attacks by countries (scroll the page down) - if you search for Russia, you will find 23 attacks during the last 20 years - now they are 24. Seems like countries like Pakistan, India and Israel - where there is a conflict of some kind going on - can only claim the same frequency.
I remember too well 1999 when I was not able to sleep fearing that our apartment building might be the next one to explode - and I have never been a person with rich imagination. I also remember that one of my close friends overslept one day and missed the subway train that exploded - she was on the next train actually. I wish I did not have such memories!
One more thing - my mom is arriving at that airport next Monday - it was our luck that we did not order the tickets for a week earlier, wasn't it?

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