Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Popularizing my blog

Not that I am fame-thirsty or anything, but the stats on my blog are really upsetting - the graph looks like a dying's person ECG! I guess I should spend more time posting some dirty stuff interesting texts in here...

The only problem to solve now is to decide on what might be interesting...

Can someone help me out with this? Not that I am desperate to read all those "5 ways to popularize your blog" manuals, so do not send me to google, but if you have some topics that you would like to read about, I would be glad to know.


  1. The more you post on our board, using your personal experience and articles posted here too, your link in your signature should bring many referrals to your blog.

    I like reading what you have to say about Russia.....and I think we can help each other by taking part in discussions and making supportive posts.

    Try on Google the 3rd paragraph of your article "why Emigrate" or any text from other comments you have made there and see......the results. Very soon you will have many back links.....

  2. wiz, I will be happy to cooperate on the issue with your awesome board. It's just that this week is a crazy one for me - I will be back there soon! :)