Thursday, January 13, 2011


From a very young age I had different hobbies all the time. I am not the kind of person that can collect stamps all their life once started. Maybe it’s attention deficit disorder but I don’t mind it this way. I’ve been to dancing, drama, karate, typing and many other classes while at school. But neither of them lasted long. I was always on something new and fascinating in the next moment. Never felt obliged to keep to one thing and try and achieve some level of skills.

Same was and is true with music, movies and books. I don’t prefer some specific genre – there are many of those I enjoy from time to time. You can find Tolstoy and J.K. Rowling’s books on my bookshelves, I can watch some serious dramas one day and silly comedies another and enjoy both likewise. My approach to hobbies is to try as many as you can, to switch between them depending on the mood and I don’t believe in the concept of the One – the best, the most attractive and suitable for me. I change so do my affections, taste and habits. So should my hobbies as well to match my current self.

There was always a wish list of hobbies I’d like to try one day – these are painting, writing and singing. I still hope that I might do that one day. Well, I will give up writing eventually – I guess I just lack something in my brain to be able to make up stories.

As for the present, when we were at cottage celebrating New Year, I found a book by Maeve Binchy – Irish author – Whitethorn Woods – it is a slow, easy-going book, a typical female reading – romantic, a bit na├»ve, but still enjoyable. It is more like set of short stories, than a novel, I usually don’t like such plots, but not in this case. I like to sit with my e-book under warm blanket with the cat lying at my feet and enjoy winter evenings.


  1. you should read 'circle of friends' by Binchy - I really loved it and what very sad once I read it... very warm, fuzzy-feel book

    PS I also like trying new things and don't have any interest in pursuing hobbies and reaching levels
    Right now I don't know what new hobby to pursue, though...

  2. Sometimes it does not feel like doing anything at all - just a period and then you are again full of ideas, plans and aspirations...
    And I will read that book once I am done with this one.