Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy New Year!

No, I am not crazy! It’s the Old New Year in Russia – since Russia used another calendar (and Russian Orthodox still do) that is 13 days behind the rest of the world, there is a tradition to celebrate this holiday as well.

We got our kind of present last night - we thought that we were paying our real estate agent for her services certain percentage of the list price of our house-to-be - but as I discovered yesterday, we are not - which is a discovery worth $ 7,000 - I wish I made more discoveries like this one!

I also found a great deal today - I was dreaming of subscription for The Economist for a while, even looked at their promotions yesterday, but they were too expensive to me. But today I saw this special offer, where you get first 12 issues for $12 and pay $36 per 3 months after that. However, when I tried to sign up, it did not work in the beginning - since the offer was a US-only deal. I was disappointed and was closing the window, when a pop-up appeared stating that there is a similar offer in Canada, but I will have to pay CAD 15 for the first 12 issues, which I thought still was a great deal and subscribed for it. Yey!

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