Thursday, June 13, 2013

Things I learned today

I went for a very cool interview today - the best interview I've been to so far - and I had a few by now.

 But this post isn't about it. It's what I suddenly realized afterwards. There are two things.

First, arrogance brings success. Not lots of it, but a healthy portion - once you demonstrate that you are confident, others believe that too. Moreover, you start believing it yourself - and believing in one's success is halfway to the success itself.

 Secondly, I finally got over my attitude "I am nothing special - just average". Attitude is probably not the right word though - maybe fear. Anyway, now (yeah, about time) I know I am not. I am special and I am not average - I am above average. Where exactly - not at the top where "the best of the best" reside, but somewhere above average for sure. My attitude to life, my character, my skills, my experience, my intelligence, my abilities - all this together makes me that.

 To sum it up - it's been a helluva good day!

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