Sunday, May 26, 2013

To-do List

Since my CMA studying is almost done (YAY!), it's time for me to get some other things going I was postponing using CMA as excuse.

One can call it belated New Year's resolutions. :)

Here I go (I am deliberately not numbering them to not have an illusion of sequence - they all have to be done!):

  • Start REGULARLY reading in German - probably starting with Remarque 
  • Start REGULARLY exercising - at least do the pushups - the belly has to go!
  • Admit my Internet addiction and fight it - no more Internet Warrior
  • Start REGULARLY blogging in English - I realize it contradicts the previous point to some extent however, I don't want to lose my written English skills while on mat leave
That's it so far - you can notice how repetition is my Big Issue - I'd say Issue #1. I can easily start doing many things - but they rarely stick with me for extended time - I somehow move on pretty fast.

  • I'll be updating the list REGULARLY to trace progress as well as to add items to it.

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