Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cherishing every moment of motherhood... almost

A huge change happened in my life on January 29th - I became mom to the two best babies in the world. Yep, no discussion on the best in the world part at all. They're boy and girl - so we now have a millionaire's family - just one tiny thing is missing - the million.

When I look at my babies, I realize how much I am going to miss this nice time when their only concern is to get enough to eat and to sleep. They look so sweet too - those little bundles of joy!

 My friend once told me that the babies' lives are not as trouble free as they seem to be - with all the stress of being out of the fuzzy womb surroundings and being handled unexpectedly and not being able to properly communicate their wishes and desires. I disagree - at least our two seem to be pretty happy with their lives at the moment. The only time they do seem to be unhappy is when they're not getting their feed fast enough - that happens now and then since first of all there are two of them and I only start getting hang of tandem feeding and secondly, I sometimes don't wake up fast enough at night time when they start crying asking to be fed.

 Night time is also the most challenging time for me right now - the babes feed every three hours - and I am fine with that, but sometimes they don't get enough or they don't get hungry at the same time. Then I have to get up literally every hour and spend another hour with them. That's when I have trouble admiring them as much - sleep deprivation really sucks.

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