Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Putting everything into prospective

In an interview with Suzanne Collins I recently watched she said that the idea for Hunger Games came to her, when she switched channels on her TV. One channel was showing some kind of reality show, where bunch of teenagers were competing for cash. The other channel was providing updates on war in Syria, where people and children were dying.

I think the Hurt Locker got its Academy Award exactly for the same idea – demonstrating the eye-opening experience of a representative of consumption society at war with consequent crush of his values and following meltdown.

Today I talked to a colleague who emigrated from the former Yugoslavia about a decade ago. She was telling me how one of her colleagues acts silly and rude by simply ignoring her. The lady tried to make her life miserable – she concluded. But she came here from a country that was at war – she added, what misery can behavior of some silly lady do to her after that?

And indeed – when I was a kid I wandered how my grandparent’s generation was able to return to normal life after what they’ve been through? But now I guess I know – once they saw horrors of war, they got to love and cherish peaceful life the way we may never be able to. They knew the difference between important things and those that are easy to dismiss or disregard. Also, when time passed, they may have forgotten many horrible things they’ve been through, as time heals.

I am reading the 1984 by Orwell now – and here is a quote I found really to the point: All this marching up and down and cheering and waving flags is simply sex gone sour.

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