Monday, April 9, 2012

I am a survivor

I have been reading the Hunger Games Trilogy over the long weekend and among lots of enjoyment I had reading them, they helped me realize something about myself. Like the main character of the books, I am a survivor. No matter what life throws at me, it won’t break me. Unsettle me – maybe, but never damage me beyond repair. And never will I go under without a battle.

It’s probably not the fact to be proud of, but getting to know myself better is an achievement for me – I was never good at reflection.

I believe this very feature makes me very adaptable to whatever changes I face. I am able to alter myself to not feel uncomfortable under the new circumstances. Like when I was a child, I was really sentimental about what home was. I cried for days, when I found out, that we were moving from the apartment where I’ve spent the first thirteen years of my life. I also was really upset when we sold the cottage where I used to spend summers.

But with time I made myself change the attitude – not that it changed on its own, I remember working on it. That’s what made me a good immigrant – I don’t miss many things, because it’s disturbing and I don’t let myself to get upset. Life’s too short for that kind of things and sad feelings don’t add much value to it.

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