Thursday, March 8, 2012


Today is the payback day for men in Russia – the country celebrates International Women’s Day. What has started in the beginning of the 20st century as celebration of anti-sexist movement and fight for equal rights for women transformed into something completely different. What I actually witnessed back there was women demanding attention (in form of chocolates and flowers) from men for being female. A standard expectation for the day would also include household duties transfer to the man. For that day only!

The most stupid thing I saw though was women congratulating each other on being women! That is still beyond my understanding. It’s not an achievement – being born a woman, is it? I mean, I can get the mother’s or father’s day – where one made a decision to become a parent. I also understand the idea of Valentine’s. But celebrating one’s sex – it’s not anti-sexist at all, is it?

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