Monday, November 7, 2011

Approaching the 30th birthday

I realize that it is not bad at all.
The best thing about now compared to 10 years ago is that I know my flaws and how to overcome them. The biggest one is my memory – the way it works or not works to put it right. I don’t remember so many things average people do, it’s somewhat scary. I thought my dad was teasing me when he asked if I remembered details of trips that took place years ago. I could not believe he still remembered that.

Another really helpful weapon that I now have in my arsenal is the feeling of time and how scarce it is. I used to hear it and agree with it before, but now that I feel it, I am able to prioritize. I can and will say “I don’t have time for this” to anyone or anything that I don’t feel is important enough. This is partly why I don’t try to fight my flaws anymore.

I wanted to improve my memory so badly at some point – looked for some cure to memorize things. As someone said once, you can try to become a good musician even if you don’t have an ear for music – and one time with enough effort you may even succeed in it. But you should first ask yourself, if it is worth trying. At the same time you may have a different talent that will enable you to reach greatness, not just professionalism in a completely different area with the effort.

In other words, I know where I am heading, ways of getting there and the best one for me to spend as few time and energy on the way as possible.

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