Friday, September 23, 2011

First parking tickets In Canada

We got two of them this morning. And man, am I going to fight them!

I did not know it mattered which way your car faces on the street when it’s parked. Obviously it does. And it cost you 25 dollars to park in the wrong direction. The thing is – we parked both cars that way making it 50 dollars.

In Russia and Europe they don’t care about it. So when you come to Canada, they should tell you about the rules that are different, shouldn’t they? I mean, I did go through all the processes to get a brand-new driver’s license – I had to learn all the rules of how to drive in Ontario. It’s not in that book yet – this one is a municipal by-law! And you won’t find it on their website until you download the full text of by-law and go over 21 pages!

Holy cow, like I don’t have much to busy myself with but to read the by-laws! I mean, if they wanted me to read them, they should have sent me a notice or a kind when we bought the house – recommending the reading.

And double-charge for the same offense on the same day? Looks like the best case of double jeopardy!

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