Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A day full of discoveries

I have just been called an “import”
 – that was really funny – it was not directed at me, rather some other person, but being used as a synonym for immigrant, made myself that as well.

I have also realized that I am a brainless person – not a nice discovery to make about yourself, but what can you do against the truth? The rationale for this is: I have had a hangover sooo many times before, it’s actually pretty scary. Every time I told myself I was going to be less careless next time with the booze. What do you call a person who cannot learn their lesson for the I don’t know what time? Stupid! That’s what I am! ^_^
A better discovery of today is that Italians are a cure for hangover. At least for me. I listened to the guy speaking for about 20 minutes and the hangover effects were gone!

Another interesting fact I came along today is that I now can easily write in English. I am not saying I couldn’t do it before, but it felt somewhat awkward – like writing with your left hand if you will. Now that feeling is gone – and I hope it’s gone for good. Reading was always easy for me in English, unlike German – to be able to comprehend something I have to concentrate. I am really glad that now it is the same way with writing!

What are your recent discoveries?

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  1. I discovered a leaking box of strawberries in the fridge. Meh. You can see that: 1) I'm the only one in the house who eats strawberries; 2) I have no time for breakfast :(