Monday, August 15, 2011

Social networks phobia

It’s kind of a mass-hysteria nowadays to scream of how social networks are intruding into one’s privacy. You will always see warnings in your newsfeed telling about yet another piece of information your profile shares with the world without asking for your permission.

It might be my Russian do-not-give-a-damn approach to things, but I want to ask So What? So what somebody will know my birthday? Or whatever it shares as long as it does not provide my sensitive information like credit card number. Theft of identity? That can happen to anyone today – if one has bank account or just a phone number – their information is provided to some institution they don’t have control over.

Likelihood? How can somebody without an idea of the security settings of internet application estimate how safe this or that site is? And another one – where is more likely the hackers will try to steal information from – a bank database or a social network? I believe the answer is obvious. Banks do spend times more money to prevent the leaks, but who knows the chances, again?

Another phobia – secret services use social networks to gather information about poor citizens. Ughm, do they really have this unreliable source to get data from and no other at all? These must be really poorly paid services – beggars can’t be choosers. I somehow believe that unless you fear that Yemen’s secret services will find out about your existence, you can rest assured that the CIA and (whispering) KGB have better sources to meet you.

I cannot take serious these fears – any venture has its risk – that’s what life is about. If you don’t want to take them, don’t get in there, as easy as that.

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