Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rules of my life (subject to change anytime)

These rules are partially taken from some slogans – they are a better way of expressing my feelings sometimes
1. You can do it! – whatever it is, nothing is impossible

2. You deserve it! – life is too short to spend time on self-denial

3. There is always space for improvements – perfection does not exist, but it’s worth reaching for anyways

4. Always spend some time on self-improvement – when you stop learning, you start degrading

5. Sometimes not getting the right answer means the question was wrong

6. Trying to reach a goal, enjoy the process of getting there – might turn out even better than the eventual achievement (just take sex to illustrate this)

7. Smile no matter what –it makes you feel better and look successful – people don’t like losers

8. When in bad mood, keep it to yourself – there is enough misery in the world without your input, people don’t like whiners either

9. Don’t make “being likable” a goal of your life – it’s not worth it, but try your best to do it anyways – it makes life easier when people like you

10. Whatever it is, it’s not that bad – just leave it for some time and get back to it when it’s bearable

11. Don’t fight with ugly or stupid people – they have nothing to lose

12. If you find something annoying, look carefully – it’s usually something you don’t like about yourself

13. When a person is mean to you, give them the benefit of doubt – they may not actually mean that or they may be sorry afterwards. Don’t revenge – they will get what they deserve and you don’t have to spend your time or energy on dealing with it – it’s not worth that! Unless there is a chance to make them taste their own medicine – that may be a good teaching opportunity and will eventually turn for their own good – at least that’s what I tell myself in the case. :)

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