Friday, August 26, 2011

I will think about it tomorrow

The quote from the Gone With The Wind has helped me a lot in my life and I worked it out by myself. When I studied at the first university, I used to be a wonk with these panic attacks before each exam – what if I fail? The hell will break loose and I will die of shame. Mind you, I was 17 and 18 then.
But by the third year I worked out this “so what” approach and am still a strong supporter of it. The way I arrived there from the dying thing was thinking of this very exam’s importance in my life five years from that moment. Or ten. Or whatever. And I realised that I would hardly remember about it at all. So there was no point in worrying about it.

Same with emotions – if somebody told me at that point that ten years later I would call The Big Love of my life Darling in emails and not feel a shadow of emotion getting the same in response, I wouldn’t believe it.
My point is that no matter how bad you may feel at any moment in your life, it will be gone and it will not hurt as much – all you need is to wait. Just give it some time to heal.

Another point is that I like late twenties much more than the beginning of the third decade – now I am well capable of taking a step back from a situation and trying to look at it from as many angles as possible before deciding what to do. I heard the saying if you don’t control emotions, they control you before, but now I am sure I can actually do that.

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