Monday, July 27, 2015

Runner's post

Just to track my progress - I've been running outdoors for three months now. So far I have run for around 226 K in total. That's in 52 runs. Meaning I run on average every other day!

It all started last winter, when I returned to the gym and decided to run for my warm-ups instead. I've always hated running. Always. The runs I did in the phys-ed I either cheated on or never got anywhere near the passing time - whatever that was.

But the first time I crossed the 2 miles bar in 20 mins I was thrilled. And I kept pushing. Soon my run was 2.5 miles long. And that's when I switched to outdoors. Outdoors is harder - first of all, you don't control your speed that well, secondly I never did any programs on the treadmill - so the uphill and downhill were new to me, as were gravel and asphalt.

So I started at 4.1 K (about the same as the 2.5 miles) - and I took my time - two months - before I increased it to 4.6 K. I've decided to try a longer run about two weeks back. Two attempts failed - both times I was going to do a longer run I had trouble making my regular distance. Tonight I made it! 8.7 K - my first distance with my now regular distance on top. That felt so amazing!!! And it didn't feel uncomfortable on the second lap at all! Like your body goes "oh well, I guess I got a crazy brain, what can you do!" and surrenders. Or else it has learnt its way and just does it. In any case, it's so great!

And I will at some point write an inspiring post - cause there is this gal who inspired me and I cannot tell how grateful to her I am!

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