Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Big Wedding

Many Canadians are crazy about the royal wedding - it's been on the news forever, some people are going to get up at 4 am to watch it live, most channels are going to broadcast it. No wonder they are coming to Canada on honeymoon!

As for me, I used to be a fun of Diana back in my teens, I cried when she died. I am also the same age as the prince - so I thought it kind of romantic back then.

But I've grown up since then. I might watch parts of the wedding afterwards and take a look at the pictures out of sheer curiosity. But I won't pay 25 bucks for a pillow with the picture of the prince and princess-to-be. I also won't give up sleep for a doubtful pleasure of watching the wedding live. I can understand the passion of watching a race or a game live - anything with an upredictable outcome. Guess what's the outcome of the wedding? They'll get married - surprise!!!

All this fever is a commercial arrangement to get money out of those believing in fairy tale. But it takes so much faith after a decade of the miserable divorce and poisonous counter-accusations to still believe in this great and shiny royal nobleness. They are people just like the rest of us. And there is something barbarian in the idea of turning living people into a tradition.

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  1. com'n Anastasia, what is not commercial nowadays? sports? races? they're putting on a nice show that's for sure! btw prince and his bride-to-be requested "charity gifts only". that's indeed decent and "royal" move

  2. Well, it's not hard to be charitable when your future is well secured from your birth, is it?

  3. IMHO: every wedding is a romantic thing, why not their? These two newly weds just happen to be..famous because he is a prince. They are people almost just like the rest of us, true....however it is a BIG event for England and Canada as well ( remember, the Queen is still the head of the State for Canada, right?) So, why not to give it so much publicity. Oh, yes, I know, it is all about the media. However if you are famous, it is a part of your life.
    As for watching: I wouldn't wake up at the wee hours to watch it live, but I would browse the pics and may be will watch the video( if I have time. It is a beautiful ceremony and a lovely couple, so why shouldn't I watch them getting wed? Plus I am very happy for the Prince and the Princess.(Oh, yes, I am still romantic)

  4. True for William, not for Kate.
    Again here we don't wanna blame royalty for their own existence, it's a whole new subject!

  5. Nah, I don't want to blame anyone.
    But for Kate it is true too - her parents are well-off since she was a kid - that is how she got into that fancy school where they met.