Monday, May 9, 2011

Drive test route in Kitchener, ON

Tomorrow I am going to the drive test to get my G Full license. I mixed up the appointment time and was left without a training from the local instructor. Main use of instructors is to see and get to know the route. So that you know speed limits, signs, lights etc. I tried to find the route description on the Web instead. Seems like there is a conspiracy of instructors of some kind – there is no detailed description of the route anywhere. The only thing I could find was the number of Highway – 7 – they take you to during the test. No more.

My friend who took the test about a year ago provided more details – I am going to drive that route couple of times tonight: Ottawa Street from Drive Centre (1405) left to Highway 7 – exit at Victoria Street – Bruce Street – Frederick Street – Edna Street – back to the Highway 7, exit at Ottawa Street – turn right into some residential area – go around, do some of the exercises – parallel parking, three-point turn, emergency stop – return to the Drive Centre – park there.

I will share more details and write a full report tomorrow – no matter how I do in the test!

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